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Search dogs

Our specialist Search Dog unit is at the forefront of our response to serious crime or potential terrorist attacks, we have a team of dogs trained in the following disciplines:

  • Firearms recovery
  • Explosive Detection
  • Narcotics/weapons(passive/pro active)

These dogs will give you complete peace of mind when planning either a special occassion or a corporate event, areas where this unit is most effective are the following:

  • Annual General Meetings
  • Corporate events
  • Celebrity events
  • screening of places of worship (against Hate Crime)
  • Vehicle searches
  • bulding searches
  • passive screening of event crowds

The dogs are mainly from the Gundog breeds, and are used to working around people and are unobtrusive

They are an effective tool in the detterent and detection of Illegal contraband,Weapons, or Explosives

Please contact Head Office for a Confidential discussion on your Security requirements and our services.

For an immediate response call:

0800 994 9999

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